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on 17 Jul 2024

Indian betting fans with a preference for cricket will be interested to learn about bet365 cricket betting. Fortunately, this article covers the topic extensively.

bet365 is one of the most well-known names in the online betting industry, so seeing that it enjoys massive popularity in India should not be surprising. Of course, the most prominent section is the one dedicated to cricket, the nation’s favourite sport. There are many reasons why this page attracts so much attention.

One of them is the fact that this operator offers a variety of the most prominent events, both domestic and international ones. This means that registered customers can find various popular leagues, tournaments, test matches, and other popular cricket events. You can start betting by reading our detailed article on how to open an account for bet365.

Keep on reading this review to learn all about bet365 cricket betting.

Why Should You Choose bet365 for Cricket Betting?

As already mentioned, there are many advantages of joining this operator and participating in be365 cricket betting. Some of the most prominent benefits are listed in the table below.

Advantages of Joining bet365
Check mark Extensive bet365 cricket IPL markets
Check mark Top promotions
Check mark Lots of domestic and international cricket events
Check mark Prime betting app
Check mark Lots of bet365 live cricket markets
Check mark Competitive bet365 cricket odds

To conclude, the reasons why Indian betting enthusiasts prefer this operator are multifold. So, all those who follow cricket and enjoy wagering on this sport are unlikely to find an online sports betting operator that offers more in terms of available markets, promotions, events, and odds in India.

What Is the bet365 Cricket Betting Bonus?

bet365 has prepared a fantastic bonus offer for new customers. Eligible players who apply the bet365 bonus code and meet all the terms can collect a bonus.

Let’s take a look at the table below for an overview of this bonus offer.

Bonus OfferDetails
bet365 Sports Bonus15% up to RS. 4,000 in Bet Credits (Full T&Cs apply)
General TermsNew customers. Aged 18+
Key TermsSee above
bet365 Bonus CodeNA

This bonus offer entails multiple terms that eligible customers will need to meet if they want to claim it. For this reason, it’s advisable that those who would like to pursue this offer pay the operator’s official website a visit and go through the entire T&Cs list. This will ensure that they are familiar with what they need to do to collect the bonus.

How to Bet on bet365 Cricket?

Those interested in placing their cricket bets on the bet365 website or in the app are probably wondering what they need to do before commencing the actual wagering. Fortunately, this detailed guide explains all the necessary steps they will need to take, starting from the registration and finishing with the explanation on how to place bets.

Let’s see what customers need to do to open a betting account with bet365.

  1. Firstly, they will need to launch the operator’s official website and tap the registration button.
  2. After that, they will need to start filling out the registration form by selecting their country.
  3. Then, they should provide the requested personal information.
  4. Once they do this, they will proceed by entering their contact and address details.
  5. They also need to set up their bet365 credentials they will use for accessing their account (username and a password).
  6. They should continue with the registration by providing the required info and finalise it by accepting all the terms, confirming they are older than 18 years of age, and clicking the registration button to complete the process.
  7. Once the registration is over, they should make a deposit using one of the available payment options. Of course, without a positive account balance, placing bets would be impossible.

Placing a Cricket Bet: Step by Step

Opening an account and making a deposit are two fundamental requirements for placing online bets. With this underway, registered customers can now start browsing available cricket markets and begin placing their bets.

The process of bet placing is incredibly simple and intuitive. It goes like this.

  1. First and foremost, players will need to be logged into their betting accounts. When they are, they should head over to the sports betting section.
  2. There, they need to find “Cricket” and click this option. This will present them with all the available tournaments and leagues (eg bet365 cricket IPL) . Also, they will see the available bet365 cricket live markets.
  3. After that, they must select the event they want to bet on. For example, you can bet on IPL event, do check the bet365 IPL schedule before placing bet.
  4. Once they do this, they will see the markets the operator offers for this event and the bet365 cricket odds.
  5. All they need to do now is tap the odds they want to go with. The odds are available in several different formats, and they can select the one that suits them best.
  6. By selecting the odds, the bet will be automatically added to the bet slip, so they will need to proceed by entering their desired stake.
  7. If they are satisfied with the potential returns they see, all that’s left to do now is confirm the bet. Alternatively, they can add additional selections to the bet slip, and confirm the bet once they finish.

How Can I Bet on Cricket with the bet365 App?

Those who prefer placing their online bets using a mobile app will be able to do so with ease using this operator’s dedicated app. Note that a special bet365 cricket betting app does not exist; instead, players can use the operator’s sports app and wager on cricket and lots of other available markets.

The process itself is pretty similar to the one that applies to wagering on the site. Here’s what it looks like.

  1. To begin with, players will need to download and install the bet365 mobile app.
  2. Afterward, they will need to create an account or use their existing credentials to log in.
  3. In case they do not have funds in their accounts, they should proceed by making a deposit.
  4. With this in place, they can start looking for the cricket market they want to wager on.
  5. By tapping the odds, they will add the selection to the bet slip, so after that, they should type in the amount they wish to stake.
  6. Finally, they should confirm the bet or add more selection before finalising it.
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bet365 Cricket Live

bet365 customers in India interested in live betting and live streaming will be interested in learning about these two features. This betting platform provides lots of exciting bet365 in-play options, and Indian customers will have a tough time finding an online betting site that covers live markets as extensively as this one does.

One of the most prominent sections on the operator’s in-play pages in India is certainly cricket. Players can keep track of bet365 cricket live score updates and time their bets in accordance with them. This is very useful, especially as the odds experience massive fluctuation as soon as an event begins.

Additionally, the bookmaker offers live streaming of selected events, which is fantastic to see. Note that the events that are available for streaming depend on the player’s location, meaning that this feature is not available everywhere. This also applies to bet365 live streaming cricket.

To be able to watch bet365 streams consists of certain terms that players need to meet. Namely, they either need to have wagered in the last 24 hours, or have a positive balance in their betting account. Those who are interested in learning more about live streaming and the terms that apply to it should consult the brand’s official website.

bet365 Cricket Live Score

Just like when betting live on any other sport, keeping track of the live score updates when wagering on cricket is of extreme importance. Fortunately, bet365 players can always check the cricket in-play page to find all the ongoing events and corresponding odds.

Instead of having to look for all the latest scores on other websites, players will not need to waste their time doing this and potentially miss the opportunity to place their live bet. All the changes taking place during the event are recorded, and the latest score is available right here. This facilitates the process of placing in-play bets and is incredibly convenient.

How to Understand the bet365 Cricket Odds?

This bet365 cricket review will also explain what those interested in betting on cricket should keep in mind when it comes to bet365 cricket odds. Odds represent an essential part of placing sports bets, so here’s what it’s important to know.

What do cricket odds stand for? Here is an easy-to-understand example. Let’s say that India is playing against Australia in a One Day International match. They are available at the odds of 1.67 to win, Australia are available at 5.00, and a draw can be found at 3.90.

These odds show the bookmaker’s assessment of the team’s respective chances of winning this game. The sports betting operator believes that India are coming to the match as prominent favourites, which is why the odds for them are significantly shorter. In other words, the shorter the odds, the more the bookmaker believes that this outcome will take place.

Additionally, prospective players should keep in mind that they can come across odds in three popular formats. They are decimal, fractional, and American. The former two enjoy the greatest popularity among Indian customers.

Normally, players can select their preferred odds type on the online betting site or in the app. However, in case they have trouble doing so, they can convert the odds. For example, 1.67 in decimal odds is 67/100 in fractional odds, -149.25 in the American odds format, or 59.88% implied probability.

bet365 Cricket Tips

Online sports betting fans often look for tips before placing their bets. Of course, there is no such thing as a sure bet when it comes to sports betting and a 100% correct tip. Normally, bookmakers believe that one team deserves to be deemed favourites and will, as a consequence, have shorter odds assigned.

However, everyone who has ever followed sports events knows that unexpected things happen quite frequently. Underdogs have won many tournaments or championships. This is one of the reasons why sports are so exciting and popular; if favourites won all the time, what fun would that be?

The same goes for cricket. There are several teams and nations that are traditionally dominant in this sport. But, an unexpected win occurs from time to time and shakes up the cricket world.

bet365 Tricks to Win Cricket

When it comes to bet365 cricket betting tips, players should keep a couple of things in mind. Firstly, as for betting on any other sport, knowledge about cricket and how a cricket match is conceived is crucial. Additionally, players who are familiar with the league in question and the most prominent players have a better idea of how a match will potentially unfold.

However, that’s not all. The teams’ head-to-head record, current form, and injuries (to name just a few important factors) also play a major role. In conclusion, before placing a bet, players are advised to do their research into these various aspects as this will help them make an informed decision.

What are bet365 Cricket Rules?

In a nutshell, cricket has several notable rules that those who consider betting on it need to be aware of. Two teams with eleven players each participate in a game, and both teams take turns in batting and bowling.

The bowling team aims to get the batsmen out, and a batsman tries to score as many runs for the batting team as possible before being eliminated. The winning team is the one that manages to score the greatest number of runs.

A game of cricket offers lots of different bet types. The most popular one is match betting. Players select the team they believe will win or they believe it will result in a draw. Another is an innings run when they try to guess the number of runs that will take place during the first innings. A top bowled bet allows them to select the cricket player who they feel will take the greatest number of wickets during a match.

A top batman bet allows them to choose the player that will score the most during a game in their opinion. Alternatively, they can bet on the team they believe that the top batsman plays for. Other popular bets include outright winner of the tournament/series, win toss, toss combination, 1st wicket method, etc.

bet365 Cricket FAQs

Here are the answers to some common questions about bet365 cricket betting.

Before confirming their bet, players can see their potential returns. If they are satisfied with what they could receive in case their bet is a winner, they should confirm the bet. Only winning bets will bring the returns.

A detailed explanation can be found on the official bet365 website. In short, bets that are placed on a player that does not appear in the starting eleven are considered void. Also, points are assigned per run, wicker, catch, and stumping.

Players who want to bet on cricket with bet365 or participate in bet365 mobile betting cricket should register with the operator on the site or in the app. Then, they should make a deposit using one of the available options. With this in place, they can start browsing available markets and create a bet slip by tapping the odds for the market of their choosing. They will finalise the bet by entering their desired stake and confirming it.

Players who want to check their betting history can do so as this information is available in their account history. Also, they can see their ongoing bets, those that haven’t settled, and ones settled within the last 24 hours.

The important thing is the players should know how to bet and should have general understanding of cricket and bets. After betting, the players who want to check whether their bets have settled or not can do so easily by logging into their accounts. If their bets have been winners, they will see the appropriate returns in their accounts too.