Is IPL betting legal in India?

Is IPL betting legal in India? To answer this question, you must know that India does not have any federal laws that oppose online betting. Every state is allowed the freedom to pass laws on online betting. Only a few states have passed such laws, making online betting illegal in those specific states. In other words, IPL betting (which is a form of online betting) is legal in India, except in a few states. We will keep you updated as and when we get more information.

👑Which online IPL betting sites are legal in India 

We look at various online IPL legal betting sites legal in India. Take a look at the following table in which we list IPL betting Offers.

Betting Sites

🏏Legal situation on IPL betting in India

Cricket is equated with religion in India. A cricket tournament such as the IPL is equal to a religious festival. Over a billion cricket fans in India follow the competition every year. So, it’s not at all surprising that the IPL is the world’s most lucrative cricket league. So, is IPL betting legal in India?

Is IPL Betting Legal in India

Betting Laws in India: How they began

During British rule, the Public Gambling Act of 1867 was enacted in India, prohibiting gambling for the ever time. According to the law, nobody could legally offer gambling services in the country. Nor could anybody go to a public gambling house or use it.

The Coming of the Internet

As the Indian law pertaining to gambling was passed much before the coming of the internet, it does not have any reference in it to online gambling. People were curious as to whether online betting was permitted simply because Indian federal law did not expressly prohibit it. The legal interpretation agrees with this view. For an activity to be deemed illegal, it must be expressly forbidden by the law. In the absence of such law, the Indian government could have amended the existing law to include internet gambling. But the government did not do any such thing.

States given Freedom to Formulate Own Gambling Laws

The Indian constitution that became effective in 1950 allowed Indian states to make their own laws relating to gambling. Some states used this constitutional provision to pass their own laws on online betting, while most did not. Thus, while some states have stringent laws prohibiting online gambling, others don’t. For instance, Maharashtra and Karnataka allow people to bet online on games of skill tough not on games of luck. In Sikkim, there is an effort to license and regulate online gambling. Some states such as Tamil Nadu neither permit nor forbid internet gambling. Barring Maharashtra, no other state makes online gambling a punishable offence.

Games of Skill vs Games of Luck

How do we differentiate between games of skill and games of luck? In a game of skill, greater knowledge of the game can improve a player’s chances of winning. Applying this logic, online gambling must be treated as a game of skill.  For instance, take a game of cricket. Knowledge of many factors, such as weather conditions and players’ form can help a punter make an informed decision. By contrast, success in a game of roulette will always depend on a player’s luck. Unsurprisingly, therefore, many states categorise online betting on cricket as a game of skill. 

Legal Situation on Online betting in IPL: Conclusion

Do people worry as to whether betting is legal in India? Many people are not aware of the legal aspects concerning gambling in India. They probably assume that cricket betting is legal in India whether offline or online. As a result, they may engage in activities that may not be in their best interests. For instance, some people engage in offline betting on IPL with local bookies in India. On the other hand, there are many people who engage in online betting on IPL, by visiting betting sites.

Indian law prohibits gambling in a public gambling house. In other words, betting offline is considered illegal. Legal action can be taken against any person who engages in gambling offline. By contrast, the Public Gambling Act of 1867 does not make using an IPL betting site technically illegal.

Therefore, if you wish to bet safely and legally on the IPL, we suggest that you stop betting offline with a local bookie. Instead, enjoy betting on your favourite IPL matches on one of our recommended IPL betting websites.

Meanwhile, betting on the IPL continues to grow in popularity. Hordes of cricket fans rush to place bets on online gambling sites during the IPL season every year. Online betting in IPL is absolutely legal, as long as the fans bet on legal IPL betting sites. 

🔎How to identify IPL betting sites that are legal in India?

In this section, we look at various ways an IPL fan can identify IPL betting sites that are legal in India. If the answers to the following questions are positive, you can go ahead and bet on those IPL betting sites:

Location of the IPL Betting Site

An IPL betting site that is not India-based will not have to comply with Indian laws.

Payment Options Offered

If the IPL betting site accepts deposits in Indian rupees, then it will be possible for the Indian government to track the flow of funds. Look for India-friendly deposit options, such as UPI based apps, Neteller, Skrill, bank cards, Netbanking, and AstroPay cards. There are many operators that accepts Indian rupees eg 1xbet is legal in India and accepts Indian players.

Regulatory body

India does not have any official regulatory bodies, but many of these foreign online betting sites are regulated in their own jurisdictions by such reputable global bodies as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and Gaming Curacao.

On most betting sites, you can usually see the name of the regulatory body mentioned at the bottom of the home page. Please ensure the authenticity of the site authenticity before you decide to sign up. Thus, you can ensure that you are on an IPL legal betting site.

❓Is online betting legal in India?

Before we consider whether online betting is legal in India, we must ask – is betting legal in India? The Public Gambling Act of 1867 makes gambling in a common gaming house a punishable offence in India. The states have been allowed to either adopt this act or make amendments to it. Some states have decided to allow skill-based games thus making IPL betting legal.

By contrast, others have chosen to treat all gambling as illegal. In the absence of regulation of gambling in India online gambling in India many online betting sites operate freely. This makes it convenient for people who want to bet on the IPL.

To this day, no private citizen in India has ever been charged for online betting.

Hence, our expert panel claims online betting in India is legal.

Why online betting should be regulated

A regulated gambling industry will help render cricket betting legal in India. There are many advantages of a regulated betting market in India. In this section, we look at these benefits:

  • Protecting minors from the dangers of underage gambling

Owing to the anonymous nature of the internet, minors may be able to gamble if internet operators are not able to verify the age of users effectively. If betting is regulated, it will be possible to prevent individuals below 18 years from playing. The government can mandate that only individuals whose identity and date of birth have been verified are allowed to play. Regulated betting sites can ask for various proofs of identification before they allow users to place bets.

  • Preventing fraud

Consider the possibility of fraud in the absence of regulation. After a betting site receives a deposit from a player, the sportsbook operator may abscond with the money. Alternately, the site may refuse to pay a player the winnings. Some fly-by-night operators may close down their online businesses and disappear. Thus, players may find it difficult or even impossible to get back their money.

Further, gamblers cannot be sure that online betting sites will operate their games fairly. Thus, in the absence of regulation, frauds by online betting sites may become commonplace. Therefore, by regulating online betting, the government can reduce the potential for fraud.

  • Preventing gambling addiction

If online betting sites are continuously available on an individual’s home computer, a person could become addicted to gambling. This is a legitimate fear given the addictive nature of online gambling games. Additionally, problems of addiction may be worsened owing to the detached nature of internet gambling. In such a system, some people may be led to gamble beyond their means.

Considering the addictive nature of online gambling and the 24×7 availability of online betting sites, this is a valid concern. Regulation can help create some checks to prevent gambling addiction.

  • Protecting personal information

Without licensing or regulation, there is no protection of an individual’s personal information. Once a betting site is regulated, the government can ensure that the site uses state of the art encryption technology to protect the data of users.

🎯IPL betting is legal in India: Final Verdict

To summarise, we come back to the question, is IPL betting legal in India? As we have explained, there is no law in India that deems online betting on the IPL illegal. Online betting on the IPL has grown rapidly in the last couple of years across the country. Most online betting sites offer betting apps that people can download on smartphones. So as per the opinion of our expert pannel, we can betting in IPL legal if done online.

Also, most betting sites include payment options such as UPI and e-wallet such as Paytm making it easy for people to bet online. IPL betting is here to stay. It is in the interest of the government of India to allow and regulate online betting. That will enable the government to increase its revenue via taxes, while protecting the interests of people who bet online.

IPL betting FAQs

Is online betting legal in India?

Yes, online betting is legal in India. There are no national laws that specifies that online betting is illegal.

Which IPL betting websites are legal for Indian players to bet?

All betting sites that are licensed outside India and accepts Indian currency are safe to bet online. The most popular sites are 1xbet, bet365, Betway and Parimatch

What are the best legal betting apps in India?

The best and secured betting apps are 1xbet, 10cric, bet365 and Parimatch