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1xBat Sporting Lines

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Sports betting has recently become incredibly popular in India and worldwide. Numerous new sportsbooks have been introduced in response to the desire of sports bettors in online betting. However, a few states and areas in India have laws restricting internet gambling and forbidding the promotion of such sites. Many well-known and trustworthy sportsbooks have begun using substitute marketing to overcome these limitations, called surrogate marketing.

One such popular online sportsbook is, which introduced 1xBat Sporting Lines.

What is 1xBat Sporting Lines?

1xBat Sporting Lines is a subsidiary of 1xBet sports betting site with a similar branding. The site has teamed up with 1xNews earlier as well. The online bookmaker 1xBet won’t connect the newly established sports-related portal to its primary betting website, yet many people know about this branding.

The first time the visuals of 1xBat Sporting Lines appeared was throughout the 2022 India tour of England. The advertisements for this substitute brand appeared on broadcast and online streaming services when the cricketers hit the boundaries during the ODI series.

Only a few sports betting companies, like 1xBet, have the resources to sponsor such a significant international cricket tournament. This demonstrates how large and well-known 1xBet is as a sportsbook.

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How 1xBat Sporting Lines Is Involved To Cricket?

1xBat Sporting Lines is a subsidiary that operates under the 1xBet online betting site. The bookmaker is renowned for its comprehensive sports betting lines, attractive odds, and broad coverage of sports betting.

Here’s how 1xBat India Sporting Lines is involved in cricket.

  • Sponsorship: They strive to support cricket players, teams, and events. This covers publicity, advertising, and promotional actions in the cricketing community.
  • Merchandise: Sporting goods or equipment with a cricket theme are available from 1xBat, including cricket-related gear, clothes, and souvenirs.
  • Sports News Coverage: To cater to the interests of cricket enthusiasts, they strive to provide in-depth sports news coverage, including cricket updates, news, and commentary.
  • Partnerships: Sporting lines on 1xBat team up with players, groups, clubs, or leagues to promote the game and interact with cricket fans.

📜 What are the biggest teams that 1xbat sponsors?

With just shy of 20 active partnerships under 1Xbat’s belt, the ones that deserve the biggest mention is the recently announced presenting partnership with Kerala Blasters FC for the upcoming Indian Super League. With a strong presence for cricket, the brand announced a sponsorship with Hubli Tigers earlier this year.

The focus of 1xBat Sporting Lines is on specific sports betting markets, products and services, or rewards. It is intended to offer specialized services to meet the interests and requirements of sports bettors.

It is a portal that partners with 1xBetOnline and offers sports news and clothing with logos in addition to being a sports betting business. Given the support it has received from well-known individuals like Indian cricketers Suresh Raina, Harbhajan Singh, and Yuvraj Singh, it has gradually achieved acceptance and legitimacy in the sports world.

1xBat Sportling Lines

How to Find the 1xBat Sporting Line?

There are several ways to learn more about the 1xBat sporting line. Some of the essential links are provided in this section.

  • Official Website:

This is 1xBat Sporting Lines’s official website, where you can learn more about their sports headlines and branded apparel selections.

  • Social Media Accounts

The official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts of 1xBat offer notifications, updates, and news related to sports. It also provides information on the most recent sportswear releases. For the most recent developments, follow them on Twitter.

Here are the links to the social media accounts of 1xBat

  • Twitter: @1xBatSporting
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:

1xBat Sporting Lines in India

Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, and Suresh Raina are just a few of the well-known Indian cricketers that have ties with 1xBat, a division of 1xBet sportsbook. Mainly, Suresh Raina represents 1xBat as a brand ambassador and regularly advertises it on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

These collaborations with reputable sportsmen and Suresh Raina’s role as a brand ambassador point to a close relationship between 1xBat and the Indian cricketing scene. Such team-ups are often utilized in the Indian market to advertise sports betting and associated services.

Is It Safe To Purchase Apparel from 1xBat Sporting Lines?

Exclusive sportswear from 1xBat is designed to keep you looking stylish.

Renowned individuals such as Indian cricketer Suresh Raina market sportswear, so buying clothing from 1xBat Sporting Lines is safe. For further information, browse Amazon’s selection or search for 1xBat Sporting Lines online.