Betting Sites India

Betting Sites India

Discussing betting sites India is not an easy task. This is due to the complexity of Indian gambling laws. There is also the fact that they differ from one state to another. In this guide on betting sites India, we’ll try to clear out the information on betting sites India. We will also review the position of bet365 as one of the most popular sites.

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Betting Sites India Online

To put it simply, betting sites India operate under a loophole. Officially, betting and gambling are forbidden under Indian law. However, the laws that regulate betting haven’t been updated in decades. That is why, although, land-based betting is forbidden, the law does not strictly address online betting.

This has created a mostly grey zone where offshore operators have working websites. Betting in India online functions normally.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that regulating individual policies about gambling and betting has been left to each of the 29 states. So far, there are two states which have made gambling and betting partially or fully legal. These are Goa and Sikkim. Sikkim became the first state to officially legalize internet gambling.

With the market as large as Indian, it is clear why the operators have so much interest in the area. The bottom line is, online betting in India works. The offshore sites that offer the services have little reason to stop. At this point, the Indian government isn’t trying to take any significant measures to prevent them. That is why it’s easy to assume that betting will be made legal at some point. Although, it’s anyone’s guess as to when it will happen.

Betting Sites India

bet365 in India

When it comes to bet365 in India, it operates under the same conditions we’ve discussed above. It is, by far, one of the most well-known bookmakers in the world. That is why it’s no surprise that it is one of the most popular betting sites India. Beyond the sheer popularity, we believe the website offers a substantial selection of betting markets. This makes it appealing to the worldwide user base.

Indian customers can register at bet365 in India through the international website and use the available services.

You can find all the important details of the betting sites India in the table below.

Betting sites IndiaDetailsTerms
bet365 in IndiaYes18+, T&Cs Apply
Live betting in IndiaAvailable18+, T&Cs Apply
Popular sports in India:Cricket, football, kabaddi18+, T&Cs Apply

Live Betting in India

Betting sites India usually offer the full range of their service to their registered users. This includes live betting or in-play betting. This means that customers are able to place bets while matches are in progress.

This keeps the users engaged on a whole new level, as they can bet while watching the action unfold in real time. Some of the most popular sports for live betting in India include cricket, football and kabaddi.

Popular sports in India

There are few things that can unite a nation as well as sport. India is no different in this regard, as there are sports that occupy the national attention to an unparalleled level. Let’s take a look at the popular sports, which are, consequently, also most popular on betting sites India.


Cricket in India is the very definition of a national obsession. It is, by a long margin, the most popular sport. Its popularity can be compared only to the popularity of football in Brazil and Argentina. Many would, however, argue that Brazil and Argentina don’t even come close when we take the sheer number of people into the account.

There are many reasons why cricket has been so popular for so long. One of the biggest ones is India’s history of success, which includes the World Cup wins in 1983 and 2011. India remains one of the top contenders in any international Cricket tournament. The obsession extends to individual players who are seen as superstars and are among the most respected personalities in the country.


The worldwide football fever isn’t lost on India. It is the second most popular sport, although unlike cricket, the Indian football team hasn’t had any major international success. That is why football is mostly a spectator sport. European leagues and club tournaments have a huge following, with the Premier League being one of the most watched sports leagues.

Recently, India has set up its own football (or soccer) league, called the Indian Soccer League (ISL). During its first season in 2014, it has recorded viewership of around 160 million.


While there are many contenders for the third spot in popularity, such as badminton, field hockey and tennis, kabaddi’s recent popularity has earned it the spot. Being a traditional Indian sport, it has returned under the spotlight with the rise of the Pro-Kabaddi League. Its surge in popularity has made the league second in popularity in 2014, behind the Indian Premier League.

It regularly attracts a strong viewer base, and, consequently, a host of sponsorship deals, which only serves to cement its popularity.

Betting Sites India: The Verdict

As you have seen, the online betting market in India is complicated. Betting websites hosted outside the country still operate freely. This is mostly thanks to legal loopholes. India’s size and population, nevertheless, make the country very important to online bookmaking operators. bet365 in India remains one of the most popular sites.

The popularity of online betting in India makes the scenario of full legalization seem very likely. Still, it remains to be seen how the situation will unfold, as the question of online betting becomes too great to ignore.